March 15, 2017

Lee Family Lifestyle Session in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Meet the Lee Family! Every year in March the peach tree orchards of Fort Mill, SC make for the most beautiful spring scenery, and oh boy did Spring show up just a little early!

With such a mild winter, the trees begin to bloom 2 weeks early, and we changed our session date. On the day of the session it rained, but we still decided to brave the session hoping the weatherman was right about it clearing out. It literally stopped raining within minutes before our evening session. It was just a little muddy but the light that peaked out once the clouds were gone was absolutely radiant!

Like most of my family lifestyle sessions, I like to start out with the children first, since they can take a little while to warm up to me the stranger with the camera. During our quality planning, I learned that the girls were total opposite personalities. I decided to start with the “shy” one and oh did this gorgeous girl take direction so well, and truly opened up in front of the camera. Both girls were an absolute delight!

We finished the second half of our session in Downtown Fort Mill, South Carolina, where we continued to dance and laugh while incorporating some of the beautiful murals and architecture around us!

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