March 26, 2017


Ever heard the saying “Keeping up with the Jones”? Well, I think this truly does apply to this great family! I’ve known this mother since we were in elementary school. I graduated high school with her older brother from our small town of Southampton County, Virginia. I have photographed her brother’s family, cousin’s engagement session, and now it was their turn. Now that you know how we met, let’s get to the session.

Well… started by me going to the wrong side of Belle’s Isle. And if you’ve ever been to Belle’s Isle you’ll know I hiked a couple of miles to get to where we needed to met. However, it worked out just fine, as Jones were fashionably behind. Once the session started, it started to drizzle just a bit, but quickly stopped. In between all the busy around us I saw these patches of purple weeds in the grass. I quickly laid flat on my belly so that I could capture it at an angle that would give the illusion that we were in a field of beautiful purple flowers.

Later, we came across this bike path, that gave had these beautiful rows of ivy! I knew the angle I needed to be to capture mother and daughter along the ivy, and it required me to literally hang off a cliff. (insert “you’re crazy”) Yes, I know, CRAZY!! HAHA. However, the results were PERFECT! And anything for that shot, eh?

We ended the other half of our session, more casual. The great thing about Belle’s Isle is that it has a rustic urban theme, along with nature. It truly carries an amazing versatility. There’s even a Richmond city skyline view from the bridge.

Sitting to write this blog was bitter sweet. Why? Because it was the last time I went home in March of 2017 and saw my grandfather alive. I came home to shoot this session, along with an engagement session of a former high school classmate, as well. My grandfather used to say before every session, when I came home, “Do they know me?”. I’ll miss those words, but thankful for having these clients giving me a reason to go home.

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