June 24, 2018


Meet one of my favorite families, the Blunts. Oh how I love this family! The weather was absolutely PERFECT! This is my second time photographing their family. You see the father in these portraits? Well that’s an ole long time classmate. I’ve known him since elementary school. Both of us raised in the country. Heck, he still rides his horses every weekend. WE like to debate and pick on each other from time to tim on social media. Oh and the beautiful sweet lady is his wife. I love meeting and hanging out with the wives of my guy friends. They do marry the best.¬†Their sons also make great buddies to my children. Their oldest even attends the same summer camp with my oldest every year, and right after camp we had this session in Sandbridge Beach, Virginia.

First we started off our session with full family portraits in the sand. I got down and dirty within seconds. Let me also add that Sandbridge had the biggest flies in all the world, and that they actually bite. lol!

Okay back to the session. Next, we walked near the shore to enjoy the waves, and more of the beautiful beach views. I had son and father wrestling matches, and allowed the boys to run around their parents to get out some of that youthful energy!

Finally we ended the session with me struggling up the hill and through the sand to grab a few more individual portraits. Of course as we made our way to the cars, and rinsed off all the sand, we chatted about ole times. That’s what I love about photographing ole classmates is the fun memories that bond us together forever.

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